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2013-07-29 19:06:57 by Tea

it seems you can upload video files to newgrounds now, very interesting, if that is the case i'll definitely be uploading some stopmotion here when i can

seeya soon hopefully

So i've gotten back into flash

2011-03-07 08:10:10 by Tea

might end up making some stuff again teehee

I'm not dead

2010-01-21 08:48:57 by Tea

So don't steal my account.


2009-09-19 16:16:50 by Tea

One of these days I'm gonna come back.

Once the stopmotion gets started.

I have 1000 posts.

2009-08-06 20:37:15 by Tea

Now all I need is a life.

not dead

2009-07-13 20:50:28 by Tea

just distracted

My TF2 spray

2009-02-28 12:07:38 by Tea

I'm quite proud of my spray.
It took some time to figure out how to get it transparent though.
I'm just gonna go around and when someone spy checks I'll spray this on the wall and crouch under it.

My TF2 spray

I have a confession to make.

2009-02-26 21:51:57 by Tea

Tea isn't my favourite drink anymore.

Smoothies are.
I fucking breathe the stuff.

I have a confession to make.


2008-12-26 18:46:20 by Tea

Hi there, It's been a while.
After the end of the next week I'm going to try and be a bit more active on newgrounds because next week I am actually working on a stopmotion short.

And this time I will get it done.
So, merry christmas and hope to feel that NG nostalgia soon enough.

Oh and in case you're wondering I didn't get much for christmas but I got some money which I'm going to spend on the orange box and garry's mod.
Both of which will come to a total of about £23 ($40?).

P.S <3 U D7.

P.P.S: My banner is so great, surprised mods haven't taken it down.


Guess what.

2008-10-24 10:40:56 by Tea

I've gotten back into stopmotion, expect something soon.

I really fucking hate those amateur ones done by 11 year old boys that are 6 fps... They're just stealing from me.
But seriously.

Anyway, I'm going to do something short for now, but I've got an idea for another one which should be about 3-5 minutes long which should be good. ( I get a week off school for half term, so lots of time.)
Hopefully this will be my first step towards being a proper stopmotion animator.

Well, off I go to my desk.

Guess what.